About Us​

Mascot Maritime is a Maritime & IT consulting firm established in the year 2003. The firm is managed by experienced and professional mariners & IT professionals. It is headed by a Master Mariner with nearly four decades of shipping and commercial experience, who is also a Member of Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, London.

Our management and the employees have extensive knowledge in shipping, consultancy and IT related business and with our growing network we will be able to realise our vision.


Why We Ventured Into This Business

We are of the opinion that, the core activity of our business i.e. shipbroking and consultancy is fragmented and comparatively low considering the volume of sea-borne trade in this country. The ship owners and the local cargo owners/charterers are mostly dependent on foreign ship brokers. 

There is ample potential in the ship broking & consultancy business which can offer rewarding opportunities. To be a part of the global shipping industry by acting as vital link between the concerned parties. We believe more and more knowledgeable professionals are required in marine-related business.

Our Vision Is...

To be the maritime consultant of “choice”, delivering un-matched value through the highest standard of ethics and professionalism. Enhance its reputation as a maritime ship broking and consultancy house managed by knowledgeable, friendly and skilled personnel. Consolidate its position in the marine industry by expanding its operation geographically and meeting various demands of shipping.

Our Services

Ship Broking

As shipbrokers, we presently specialize in the dry cargo market. We can represent Vessel owners/operators and act as “owner’s broker”, so as to secure charters (vessel or cargo) for their tonnage; always favouring and protecting owners by negotiating the best terms and revenue. Charterers and act as “charterer’s broker” so as to widely circulate charterer’s order for tonnage in an effort to secure a most favourable fixture.


We provide “consultancy services” pertaining to: Maritime Training & Education, Maritime Related Activities, Port Captaincy, Marine Surveys like Vessel Pre-sale Inspection, Vessel Condition survey at the request of P and I club or bank or mortgagee or any other party with an interest in the vessel, Tow Approval Surveys.

Career Guidance

We have a repository of academic notes and list of institutes worldwide which will help students have a blueprint of the merchant navy career.