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  1. Safe port issues in the context of Chittagong Port – Ahmed Tanjil Ruhullah

  2. The P & I letters of undertaking as a modern form of security for the release of arrested ships – Eleni Melekou

  3. Commercial Risks Arising from Chartering Vessels -Dr. Evi Plomaritou

  4. Efficient charter parties – Notice of readiness, slow steaming, and virtual arrival agreements – Erika Lindholm

  5. International Carriage of Goods by Sea under the Documentary Aspect – Including the Recent Challenges of Electronic Commerce – Sky Blue

  6. Test your knowledge – COLREG (for Deck Officer at Managerial & Operational Level – Romanian Naval Authority) – Adrian MINCULESCU

  7. Model Course 1.27 (2010 Edition): Operational use of Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) – Christian Hempstead

  8. International Trade Law 4th Edition – Abdul Moomin

  9. The carrier’s liability for sub-carriers & the carrier’s liability – de edd.

  10. A Perspective Study of Shipbreaking in India and the Impact of International Conventions and Regulations – Mr. Gopikrishna Chockalingam and Dr. K. Sivasamy

  11. New Regulations – Impact of Implementation of Sulphur 2020 Regulation on Seafarers – Mr. Ramadass Venkatarao and Dr. Aprajita Bhardwaj

  12. World Seaborne Trade and Seafaring Human Resources – A Study – Dr. Poonam Kapoor and Mr. Pawan Kapoor

  13. A New International Regime for Carriage of Goods by Sea: Contemporary, Certain, Inclusive AND Efficient, or Just another one for the Shelves? – Dr. Theodora Nikaki and Professor Barõ  Soyer

  14. Carriage of goods by sea – from Hague to Rotterdam: safer waters – Denning Metuge

  15. Impact of the Rotterdam Rules on the Himalaya Clause: the port terminal operators’case -JASON CHUA

  16. The Rotterdam Rules A transport convention for the future? – Carlson Leung

  17. “Critically analyze the current Treaty framework for the Carriage of Goods by Sea under Maritime Law. To what extent does this achieve the key objectives in the regulation of trade which exists under current Shipping Law.” – Giorgos Triggas 

  18. The impact of the Rotterdam Rules- Shifan Tariq                                                                                                 

  19. An Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Multimodal Transport System in the Carriage of Goods – IJLHSS Journal

  20. The Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 1992 – Fidelma White

  21. Containers: a conundrum or a concept – Pierre-Jean Bordahandy

  22.  The Expected Impact of New Convention on Contracts for the International Carriage of Goods on Seafarers Activity – Ghiorghe Batrinca

  23. Critical analyse of the advantages and disadvantages of traditional Bill of Lading and Electronic Bill of Lading and the necessity and the possibility of wide introduction of the Electronic Bill of Lading – Krity Lohar

  24. Multimodal Transport, Chapter-4, Contracts of Carriage II -Dan Malika Gunasekera

  25. Impact of the Rotterdam Rules on the Himalaya Clause – the Port Terminal Operator’s Case (UNCORRECTED DRAFT) – Jason Chuah

  26. Electronic Transport documents and shipping practice not yet a married couple-Ebbychris Matovu

  27. Comparative Analysis of the Role of the UNCITRAL Model Laws on Electronic Commerce and Electronic Signature in the Harmonization of the Law of E-Commerce-Samuel M A I R E G Biresaw

  28. Test your knowledge – MARITIME COMMERCE (for Deck Officer at Managerial Level – Romanian Naval Authority) – Questions – Adrian MINCULESCU

  29. An Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Multimodal Transport System in the Carriage of Goods – IJLHSS Journal

  30. Certain legal aspects of electronic bills of lading – Willem van Boom


  32. Commercial Risks Arising from Chartering Vessels – Dr. Evi Plomaritou

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Notice of readiness, Rotterdam rules, Electronic transport documents, seafaring human resources, electronic bill of lading, world seaborne trade, slow steaming, security of release of arrested ships, etc.

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