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The site is loaded with good practical information for sailing professionals as well as for the new entrants to the world of shipping. The maritime Blog and the Maritime Journals are particularly interesting and a must read for all deck officers.
Capt.Ravi Peters
Extra Masters
Visited Mascot Maritime web site and found all the contents very informative and in detail. It is a website which gives information regarding all aspects of shipping business and the vast collection info about any college internationally, the site design is so good as with a click you get to know about any college/institution
Meher Firoz Sui
Chief Engineer
I am a continuous follower, thanks for posting valuable information and doing a great effort in knowledge transfer for the shipping community. Looking forward to read further articles from your team.I have liked the article regarding various claims. Would appreciate and will be interesting if your team can put up an article about future technology driven shipping. ​
Nidhin Francis
Chief Officer
Fabulous Website. Years of real-time hands-on expertise of a Master Mariner put together in a simple but effective manner. Kudos to the team for such endeavour.​
Capt.Madhukar Rao
Master Mariner
Be it on the navigational or the engineering side, India has seen, and provided the maritime world with, the lion's share of accomplished seafarers. That - as well as the skilled personnel on the offices, the administration and the management fronts. But then, to chugg along with the very nature, the very spirit of this ever changing - and always re-inventing industry, one would say that it was time for us - the Indian Chapter - to venture further, to reinvent, to re-establish and to reposition ourselves, into the ever changing shipping scenario. Ship broking is one such front, which definitely would be enriched with an Indian approach. I haven't come across many ship broking facilities that were based in, or working out of India. Going through your site, the variety of things I saw being handled - I say Mascot Maritime is here to fill the vacuole. Best wishes to the Mascot Team for their venture...!
Mitul R. Bhardwaj
2nd Engineer
It is my pleasure to acknowledge Mascot Maritime Web is a product of Excellent knowledge, all under one roof of Mascot Maritime web. So perfectly inscribed to cater both new leaners and for refreshers alike. Website is very useful, please explore maximum benefit from it.
Capt. Sudhansu Sekhar Sethi
Master Mariner
Despite being a skilled and seasoned sailor , The position of ship's captain is new to me as a master mariner. This website provides information on a variety of topics, most importantly it focuses on the gray areas that may arise for a master mariner in his prof life or anybody else working in the capacity of managerial position in the maritime industry. And explains things in concise yet comprehension manner.The website is a knowledge hub.I have benefited from it a lot. I'd want to express my gratitude to the author and webmaster for...the excellent presentation and the high standard of information provided...
Capt.Darshan Korala
Master Mariner
Fabulous Website. Years of real-time hands-on expertise of a Master Mariner put together in a simple but effective manner. Kudos to the team for such endeavour.​
Ramalingeswar Naidu
2nd Engineer